Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hello everyone.

It is always my desire to share ideas with people around me that I care most about and to see lives changed because of the ideas.

Why is it named this way?

I love reading books, attending seminars that aim to improve myself from day to day. However, after reading so much and there are so many things shared in the books, videos, seminars, etc, I realize our lives are not really changed after that.
Why is that so?
Why after attending seminars that can easily cost thousands of dollars, peoples lives remain unchanged? The energy level may be there during the 3-day or 4-day seminar, but after those short period of time, what happens to all the energy? Where is the energy gone to??

That sets me thinking, what if I could share the practical tips to my friends every day, wherever they are??? and they could even think about it while waiting for the bus, clients, etc.
After thinking, they will have chance to APPLY it right there and right then. Isn't that wonderful? Is it possible????
The answer is absolutely YESSSS!!! Because the ideas that I share with you will be PRACTICAL ones, that you can immediately apply.

PRACTICAL means I will guide you step by step on what you can do today. Isn't that wonderful?
These practical ideas are gathered from
*interviewing some parents from diverse background who have raised succesful children,
*many diverse books available in the market
*practical feedbacks from parents that I have come into contact with in my years of teaching
*and many more.

About Mr.Han, the author
I am currently a full time teacher at one of government schools in Singapore. I teach Mathematics but more than anything else, I am also very much interested in teaching values, character and success tips to my students.
Mathematics subject content is important but I do believe that values, character and tips on how to be successful is much more important, because the latter are the ones that the students will remember even after leaving school. Mathematics content?? ...Not so much!! Except for those who may continue to do degree in Engineering, etc.

I attended very good secondary school and one of the prestigious university at the later stage. And still I realize that there are many things that were not taught in school.

Schools teach us a lot about the softwares. In my many years of teaching in secondary school in Singapore, I realize that they never teach us about the Operating System, which is the fundamental and crucial platform for the softwares to run properly. Isn't that sooo truee??
I realized this fact only I left university. Oh my goodness, what if somebody has told me much earlier? Wouldn't I be a much different person?

Triggered by so many of these, I am determined to share practical tips to improve our lives everyday and everywhere you are. How do I do that?
I will send practical ideas to you, to your handphone every day. And you are invited to share your comments in our website.

What Should I Do Now?

If you wish to receive practical ideas EVERY DAY through your SMS, kindly text me and I will deliver practical tips to your handphone every day.
Send message to (65)9062 5253 as follows:
LOWPRI : for Parents with Lower Primary child
UPPRI : for Parents with Upper Primary child
SEC : for Parents with Secondary school child
ADL : for Adult
Example: SEC Johnny 91234130

In this way, I look forward to seeing better lives in people around me.